New us!

New us!

Welcome to our new website, we have designed it to improve our connection with international students, hosts and partners. Now you have a completely new website where you can find the best student accommodation in Australia. Online.

We are all about connecting people. SayStay is an Australian family owned company that has provided accommodation to thousands of students and working holiday visa holders, from 42 different countries. The most reliable and supportive student accommodation company in Australia at a fair price.

In 2018 SayStay was recognized by its entrepreneur and technologic approach. Check us out here.

Different from other international accommodation and booking providers, we closely manage our accommodations to ensure SayStay’s quality control by having our local offices and employees, that are specially engaged to the city and who understand the needs of the international students.

Be part of our community and enjoy our new website!


SayStay’s Team

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