10 Tips to Get the Most of Your Homestay Student

10 Tips to Get the Most of Your Homestay Student

When you welcome a student for a homestay in Australia, it can be a unique and oftentimes, rewarding experience; that is, if you know how to get the most out of your homestay student. Nowadays, there has been resurgence in the number of hopeful students seeking an education abroad, and a great number of these students head to Australia for their education. This calls for some tips on how to get the most of your experience of welcoming an international student. Getting the Most of your Homestay Student.

Following are 10 tips on how you can make the homestay experience rewarding for the student as well as yourself and your family.

1. Provide a Safe and Caring Environment
This is your first and foremost responsibility as a host, and you should see to it with strict regularity. As the student is your guest, it comes down to you to provide them with a welcoming and caring environment free of discrimination, hatred, and negativity in any way, shape or form. This will prompt them to make their stay a delightful one as well, making it beneficial for both parties.

2. Explain House Rules such as Meal Times, Curfew etc.
Your homestay student should be made aware of the house rules beforehand, in order to avoid any negative circumstances during their stay. You need to understand that students are generally boisterous and lively, and they tend to stay out late and have meals at varying times. This is why it is necessary to explain the house rules to them if you are to have a pleasant homestay.

3. Explain the Responsibilities of the Student
The student will obviously have a number of responsibilities themselves, such as cleaning the room they are staying in, along with some light maintenance, which they need to be informed of before the official beginning of their stay.

4. Show the Student Around on the First Day
The student will, more likely than not, be a foreign citizen or someone from a different city of Australia. Showing them around and introducing them to the important points of the city, such as transport hubs (bus stops, taxi stands), hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, will be both a nice gesture and a way to familiarise the student with your city.

5. Be Patient and Understanding
This is where your sense of hospitality will come in. A student, travelling for studies, may not always be familiar with the habits and ways of the host, which is why it is upon the host, in this case, you, to be patient and understanding of the student’s unfamiliarity. They might not fully understand your culture which is why you should introduce them thoroughly to it and your own habits, to make their stay better.

6. Teach Them Something
Honestly, what better way to bond with the impromptu member of your family than to teach them something that is unique to your culture or your family? It could be a culinary dish, or an art form, or even a song! Anything positive or fun that you impart to them, will inspire positive feelings towards you, the host.

7. Learn Something from Them
Just as you can teach them something to take back with them to their home country, you can learn something from your homestay student, which you can keep after they’re gone. This will also make for some great bonding between the host and the homestay guest.

8. Take Students on Trips and Outings
Another very good way to familiarise the homestay student with your country is to take them on trips to well-known tourist spots and scenic locations which the country, region or city is famous for. This will inform them of a good way to spend any leisure time they get, while you enjoy the outing as well.

9. Respect the Student’s Privacy
Just as your privacy is dear to you, theirs will be important for them. Granted that they are living in your home, but they are a guest, and so, should be given their own private space. Once you have explained all the rules and they have started to abide by them, give them their own privacy for as long as they need it.

10. Explain the Water Situation in Australia to your Homestay Student Seeing as the water situation in Australia has gotten worse in recent times, it is important to inform the homestay student of the restrictions that have been enforced, to prevent them from wasting water needlessly. This is especially important if you live in the southern region, as the shortage is worse over there.

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