Students responsibilities

  • SayStay will provide you with your host Family Profile before your arrival. You are welcome to make contact with your host family and introduce yourself before your arrival.
  • You are expected to inform your family of your whereabouts and plans each day. You are expected to advise your host family of any change of plans or if you are running late.
  • You are expected to help the host family with light household chores if asked to do so.
  • You are expected to be treated as any other member of the Homestay family and  respect all rules and direction given by the host family during your stay at their home. You  will ensure that you clearly understand the rules of the Homestay by discussion with the host at the commencement of your stay.
  • You are expected to make  every effort to interact with your host family members and be pro-active (as a positive and active family member) within the household.
  • You are expected to abide by all Australian laws at all times and be aware that these laws and penalties may be different to those from your own country