Benefits of staying with a Host Family

- Perfect Language Skills

Living with a host family is the best way for you to truly master English. You have no other options but to use English. You are immersed in English 24/7; you cannot easily resort to speak other languages. Better yet, your host family will be the best English teachers you can ever get. While the English you learn at school is sufficient for your academic needs, it may not be suitable for daily conversational situations


- Cultural Immersion

By living with locals rather than other travellers, homestays can provide a more authentic cultural experience. Depending on the level of involvement that you choose to have with your host family, a homestay can present an opportunity to experience the realities of daily life in the new country.


- Support Network

Your host family can show you around the city and answer all the questions you will have in the beginning. They can give you advice on safety, local traditions and also can help you adapting into your new country.


- Feeling of safety

If you are a young adult, who is travelling abroad alone for the first time, staying with a family may be easier than other types of living arrangement, because you won’t have to worry so much about cooking, where to do your laundry or other practicalities. It can make you feel a little bit less homesick too, if you’ve never lived outside of your own home before. Some students become good friends with their host families and stay in touch with them afterwards.