What is expected of our Guardians

Guardians are expected to follow all guidelines outlined for Host Families (click here) and additionally :

· Provide an immediate point of contact for the student's parents and education institution.

· Act as the first contact for urgent medical treatment which may be required by the student.

· Ensure the students regular attendance with the education provider.

· Act as a signatory for homeowrk, diaries, permission forms, excursions, etc.

· Support and assist students to live comfortably within a foreign environment.

· Ensure all members of the household who are permanent residents of Australia and

aged over 18 possess a valid Blue Card issued by the Commission for Children and

Young People and Child Guardian.

· Ensure that Underage students are aware of and abide by the Laws of Australia (for

example legal age for drinking, driving a motor vehicle, wearing bicycle helmets


· Ensure that students are provided with Emergency contact numbers and transport


· Ensure student follows any house rules and do nto stay out after his/her curfew.

· Advise SayStay immediately about any issues relating to welfare or duty of

care in relation to the underage student.

· Have a duty of care towards their Homestay student.